About Us

Our Story

We met in 2008 when we were in high school. I would like to say that we hit it off, but unfortunately, we did not. It took another year before I would say we became “friends” and another four years before we started dating. In August 2017, we finally got engaged.

We have been saving up for our first trip together for about three years now, and finally decided that starting a long-term trip overseas is something that no one is ever completely ready for. Instead, we decided to read articles and travel blogs of other couples and families who have managed to pull-off the lifestyle we were coveting: a life of travel without being rich. So we purchased tickets that leave from Atlanta, Georgia to Dublin, Ireland in May 2018 – and we will see where we go from there!

Our Purpose

To be completely honest, this blog is one way that we plan on supporting ourselves through our travels. Emma (the writer in this relationship) received a paying offer to write travel blogs about various locations. So, we plan on taking each day to experience new places and tell you what works and what didn’t work so that other travelers can use our knowledge and learn (or not!) from us. So, expect lots of pictures, discoveries of hidden gems, and some laughs.