Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are some answers to common questions that we had about traveling. As we get responses and feedback, we will add new questions and answers.

How can you afford to travel long-term?

The easy answer is to cut costs when possible and make money while traveling! We are utilizing TrustedHousesitters and France’s car leasing program to have free accommodations and cheaper/easier transportation. We will also be flexible about dates. For example, weekdays are cheaper traveling days than weekends. Also, we will be housesitting based on other peoples’ schedules, so that determines our days in each country.

Essentially, we saved up money for the plane tickets and fees for TrustedHousesitters/Freelance work, and we will make the rest up as we go along. We will be getting paid as freelance writers/workers, so we will be getting paychecks to support ourselves weekly.

We will sell our furniture, our lease will be ending, and we will jump on a plane!

What about your jobs?

We got lucky with timing on this one. Thomas is completing his Bachelor’s degree online while we are traveling, and Emma decided to quit her job in Florida for freelance work overseas.

What are you traveling with?

Two backpacks with two passports, two plane tickets, one phones, a tablet, and a camera. Oh – and also enough clothes to make it through about a week. (Yes, we plan on doing laundry!)